Escape to island paradise in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’


Image courtesy of Nintendo


“Animal Crossing” has been a Nintendo favorite for quite a long time, with multiple versions coming out through the years. This is a game of relaxation, where the player collects materials to make items for their home, fish, catch bugs, and chop down trees, all while having to pay a mortgage to the head raccoon named Tom Nook.

The newly released “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” has some never before seen features, especially with the new couch co-op four player feature, where four people can play and catch fish all at once. However, this feature is a little limited, where only one player is able to really interact with the environment at a time, having to switch who the leader is.

Overall, the game still mainly functions as a one player game, however there are many customizable options and challenges that keep people playing for hours, especially trying to catch the many sharks that reside in the ocean, or the presents that fall from the sky.

Overall, I’d saw it’s a great way to break up your quarantine and escape to a relaxing island paradise, even in the middle of a state lock down.