Award shows should stop snubbing Marvel films



This year’s Oscars showcased the past year of incredible successes in filmmaking. But, despite its success, the award show also got some of their picks wrong. 

Some films were snubbed in the recognition department. In the most significant blunder this year, the film that was overlooked is the highest grossing film in the world, a movie that took 11 years of build up and was practically celebrated as the “coming of Christ” when it was released in theaters.

The Academy completely ignored “Avengers: Endgame.”

People went crazy with joy and it seemingly brought the whole world together. And yet, at the Oscars it was not given a single award, even though it was nominated for Best Visual Effects.  

Now, this would not necessarily be a bad thing, had the movie it lost to actually had special effects worth mentioning. 

The film “1917” instead took top prize at this year’s ceremony. In the movie, the visual effects were limited to a house on a backdrop, a plane crashing into a barn and several warlike explosions taking place throughout the movie.

Now critics claim “1917” deserved the top spot because you didn’t even know there were special effects when you were first looking at them. But in “Avengers: Endgame,” they used some of the most unprecedented, and outright difficult and technical CGI out there.

Marvel had green screens up for almost the entire movie, along with elaborate CGI suits that specific people wore to present their respected character and a huge amount of mechanical equipment and cranes to help give us the best, most immersive CGI and visually effected movie possible.

The sheer amount of time, money and effort that went into the entirety of “1917” compared to “Avengers” isn’t even within the same ballpark. Marvel goes above and beyond with practically all of their movies and this one was no different; “1917” was in no way comparable in the CGI efforts and accomplishments than those of “Avengers: Endgame.”

Marvel managed to create one of the highest grossing films in the world, while “1917” managed to just be another predictable war film adaptation with mediocre CGI, a so-so storyline and not a single strong, lovable character in sight.

What Marvel Studios managed to pull off this past decade is something that has never been seen before and at the minimum deserves every Oscar possible for whatever they can manage to apply for. Never again in my lifetime may I get to experience the excitement and camaraderie that we all had when we went on this 11-year ride that was the “Infinity Saga.” 

Marvel managed to bring together as many people as possible for something absolutely magnificent. And in the end isn’t that what filmmaking is all about? Immersing an audience in an incredible storyline with characters they can understand and adore, nonetheless sympathize with. And to have the Academy not recognize any of the films made within that 11-year period with some sort of professional accolade is absolutely deplorable.