“Onward” adventure is sure to thrill


Image courtesy of Disney.


Pixar is famous for their short but impressive record of animated films. From “Toy Story” to “Wall-E” to “The Incredibles” and plenty more, Pixar has always churred out beautifully crafted, emotionally-taxing and immersive stories that captivate audiences, from young children who grew up with it to the adults those same children now are. “Onward”, as the name suggest, continues that trend and soars with it, treading the same tear-jerking and spirit-lifting ground previous works such as “Up”, “Inside Out” and “Coco” run amongst. 

“Onward” follows the journey of brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot (Tom Holland and Chris Pratt respectfully) as they venture on a quest to recover a ‘Phoenix Crystal’, a stone that will allow them to complete a visitation spell to meet their deceased father for one whole day. After previous failed attempts, Ian discovers his magical abilities but accidently cuts the spell short, causing only the bottom half of his father to be recreated. The brothers meet with The Manticore, now a party restaurant manager, and head for their quest, running through a once mystical and magical world turned modern, reemerging their old supernatural ways, all the while dealing with the troubles and joy brought with their half-reborn father and the duos’ tested brotherhood.

The film showcases the same Pixar magic that is woven into every movie they produce, that magic finding new light with the amazing animation, brotherly and paternally centric story and the new ‘modern Pixar feeling’ that plenty of fans can’t seem to shake as new films are crafted. “Onward” is bound to bring a smile to your face and tears to your eyes, as every Pixar creation is incredibly gifted at. Anyone who has a close-knit family relation can relate to the struggles and pleasures Ian and Barley are faced with, hitting all the right spots when showcasing their journey. A well-worth fraternal odyssey certain to reawaken the magic of its viewers.