Students, staff enjoy food, fun in Mardi Gras celebrations



Mardi Gras has been celebrated for many years now. People started celebrating the holiday in 1699 and to this day, it is still an occasion devoted to partying and eating. 

The holiday started in Louisiana, but it came originally from the French who settled there. It has been celebrated far and wide across the country, and even here in Central Florida.

Here at Oviedo High School, teachers and staff said they have a variety of different ways they celebrate the holiday.

Science teacher Chris Capp said that he not only takes part in Mardi Gras with his class, but also with his kids and wife. His family has a lot of traditions, including food and accessories for the event. 

  “ I like the king cake and the beads and wearing the beads and mask,” Capp said.

He explained that he likes to prepare and dress for up for Mardi Gras. To Capp,  just wearing something special for the festivities makes him happy and reminds him to be ready for the Easter season.

Traditionally, Mardi Gras is celebrated once every year to mark the day before Lent and is supposed to be a day of eating richer foods. 

To others in the school, Mardi Gras is more about the celebration than the traditions.

 Luca Oliva, a freshman at OHS, likes to celebrate his Mardi Gras more at Universal by attending concerts and parades .

“I like getting the beads and going to the concerts,” Oliva said. 

He added that when he and his family don’t attend the festivities in the theme parks, they still have a special tradition.

”We like to get Popeyes chicken and have king cake,” he said.

For sophomore Kennedy Cook, she likes to keep it calm when she celebrates. Even though she said she goes to Universal,  she said she likes to go for the fun atmosphere and to try all the Louisiana food that the park has to offer. 

 “I like the parades and the decorations in the environment and I really like to eat the king cake,” Cook said.

All and all, many people celebrate Mardi Gras and there can be many different ways to celebrate or continue traditions.