Farm animals can be challenging but fun pets



Recently, my family and I started to build a pigpen because I am into agriculture. I currently have six chickens and I am hoping for more for Christmas. I am interested and like animals, even though I don’t live out in a rural community like Geneva but still have chickens but can’t have a rooster. I like having animals, but there are some animals that we are not allowed to have. However, pigs are allowed. Most people will think we are joking or have them as pets, but no we are going to kill them when they around 200 pounds or six months old. I don’t want to see them die, so my dad is going to kill them, and then we will get more. 

Those little chicken keep breaking out of the fence and I’m so angry because it’s hard for me to catch them. We are now chicken proofing the yard. By adding thin mesh on the bottom of our fence, so they can’t go through the fence. I also had to clip their wings because they would be able to fly out of the yard.

 Chickens are great animals because they lay eggs and provide benefit of knowing what’s in your food and maybe not having unhealthy fertilizers or such. All in all, I like having animals and this is fun for me. After all of those problems I will always like having chickens because it is a challenge that I have to fix, and that is what makes it interesting and fun.