“IT Chapter Two” lives up to first movie


“It Chapter Two”, directed by Stephen King, is a worthy sequel to the first film. From its well crafted jumpscares to its physiological fear, it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The plot was very straightforward, there were no confusing subplots or twists that couldn’t be understood.

It does quite a few things correctly. Right off the bat after hearing the movie is just under three hours it seems like too long, but the movie actually does a good job of filling it with content that doesn’t seem too much like filler. It goes into each character’s trauma and stories with in depth flashbacks, and the amount of character development throughout it is perfect.

The only criticism I have about the movie and what’s holding it back from being amazing is its ending. It was rather disappointing the way it wraps up, so much so that I began laughing in the theater out of sheer disbelief. I feel like after taking in the amount of time their viewers have put into the series, they should have tried a little harder to make it more satisfying, but that being said, it could’ve been worse. Regardless of the ending though, I thought the movie was still really entertaining and I would recommend watching it.