Taylor Swift’s album, Lover, shows the singer’s personal side



Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover, is an upgrade of her older albums. I personally love all her music and I still love her older albums a lot. What I mean by upgrade is that she is trying to expand her fan base and her creativity. She stayed in the range of pop love songs. I am a person who loves meaningful songs and have empowerment to them, and her new album shows that. It shows how people can feel having a crush and the phases a girl/guy can go through when the other person feels different or does but doesn’t want the same things. 

All the songs have a different vibe from each of her songs, some might have similar emotions, but she changes it up with how she sings it and put an attitude. You can tell she loves what she does since she always tries to find a way to change up her music and adds an amazing twist to it. She knows how people want to feel. She has some songs in this album that helps people who probably had gone through being bullied because they are not afraid of being themselves.

I personally have always loved her music, since a lot of her songs have that empowerment to them. If it is through hard times or good, Taylor helps people who are afraid to be themselves be who they are, people who had a traumatic experience happen to them get better and back to themselves. Her music has changed so many peoples’ lives around the world. She lets everyone know that all that they think that they go through know they are not alone. I know a lot of her old songs have helped me in my hard times since I was in my double digits and until now, she still helps me during my bad days.

Her new album combines all of that in one. Each song has a different meaning, but they all have something in common they all have a strong and emotional meaning. Which is all her songs and that is what a lot of her fans love. This album shows struggles of love, crushes, and expressing yourself. I have seen so many nasty comments about a lot of her songs on this album, she is expressing what she loves to do, and that is helping her fans know they are not alone, that everyone has issues, and no one is perfect. This album explains all of it, all the emotions anyone goes through. I love it since she is not afraid to tell the truth to everyone no matter who hates it. Please just remember we live in a world of equality where we are all equal no matter what. Stop acting like our ancestors and realize what age we are in the world we live in. Taylor Swift shows this in her music, all of it and I love it.