Growth reduces small-town charm


This story was originally published in the second edition of The Lion’s Tale (October 24, 2018).

The Oviedo-Geneva-Chuluota area has, historically, been rural. These cities have had small populations until just recently.

All three cities have now experienced urban sprawl–too much of it. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city of Oviedo contains 40,785 people. With the large increase of residents, the city has sought expansion to accompany all of its inhabitants.

As a result, Oviedo has undergone many developments that will better support its growing population. Developments like Oviedo on the Park have been added in the past few years.

Oviedo on the Park consists of shops, restaurants, housing and a park with a stage. This area was once a natural area with lots of trees and greenery.

Downtown Oviedo is another example of urbanization within the city of Oviedo. The streets are no longer one-way, and the roads have been expanded to better support the influx of traffic traveling through the area. In order to get the space for this road reconstruction, an Oviedo staple, the Townhouse, had to be relocated down the street.

In Chuluota, a new Publix has recently been added. Before the Publix was built, this property was filled with trees. The trees had to be cut down in order for the development to be constructed.

With all the construction and renovations to support more humans in Oviedo, even the famous Oviedo chickens may soon no longer have homes.

At The Lion’s Tale, we believe the urbanization of these areas has become too excessive.

Yes, most of these developments are being added to support the growing population of Seminole County. Yes, these new additions are nice to have and benefit our population, but they take away the charm of these quaint cities.

Take Geneva and Chuluota, for example. These are two cities that have always been known for their rural charm. In the past, people moved to these cities to escape the large, urban cities. They wanted a retreat in a smaller, rural area.

With the developments of these cities, that dream is no longer a reality. While change is good, we prefer the old city of Oviedo.