Seniors personalize parking spots with paint

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Every year, the senior class gets privileges that the rest of the underclassmen do not, like senior lunch off-campus. This year, administration decided to add to the privileges and allow the seniors paint their own personal parking space in the senior parking spot.

“Student Government Association (SGA) had to do a proposal and present the idea to Trybus,” said junior Abigail Gibbons. “All in all it was about an 18-page proposal, and a ton of time and effort was put into it.” 

Before the seniors could start painting, the administration and SGA set up an eCampus class to get a headcount of how many seniors were planning to paint a parking spot. Seniors submitted their planned design before school started. However, there were certain things the seniors could not paint on their parking spot.

“No profanity or bad words, which is respectable, like we don’t want that at our school anyways,” said senior Emily Whiteman.

About 100 members of the class of 2019 went out at 8 a.m. on Saturday,  Aug. 4, to choose and paint their parking spots in a first-come, first-served format. The SGA directed traffic and helped the painters.

“Anywhere there was help needed, anyone of our students helped to paint it, whether it be some small letters or the background,” Gibbons said.

Some students wanted the closest spots to the school, while others took what was left.

“I was here at like 7:10 a.m., so I got my  spot with my friends next to me,” Whiteman said.

The fee for painting a spot was $30, which goes toward the senior class fund. Students had to bring their own paint and brushes and whatever they needed to paint their own spots, but Whiteman said it was worth it.

“I think they should do it for future senior classes,” Whiteman said. “I am really happy i got to do it my senior year and I think it is a good fundraiser for the class.”