‘Love, Simon’ brings viewers into LGBTQ world of romance


Love, Simon is a movie that follows 17-year-old Simon Spier in a coming-of-age love story that helps him understand the intricacies of his sexuality. As he navigates the confusing waters of love while counting down the days to graduation, Simon experiences the vulnerability and confusion of his first homosexual relationship. His online romance helps Simon learn both about himself and love.

Another important aspect in the film is how Simon’s relationships with his friends and family change as a result of his coming out. This storyline created a more well-rounded portrayal of a coming-of-age romance movie, but also nuanced with the gay versus straight relationship. It contained the good, the bad and the just plain ugly aspects of coming out. The stream-of-consciousness type of storytelling allows the audience, regardless of whether or not they have come out themselves, to experience the process along with him.

The film also includes a modern soundtrack featuring four songs by the band Bleachers, as well as songs from Khalid and Normani, The 1975, and Troye Sivan, who has been openly gay since 2013.

Critics have claimed that this film, despite featuring a gay protagonist, is actually playing it safe. Meaning that the movie, rated PG-13 and containing little offensive language or sexual situations, doesn’t push the envelope enough to be controversial. This contrasts other films, like Call Me By Your Name, which also portray a love story between two men, that cover more controversial and racy topics than Love, Simon.

However, this movie is revolutionary in its own, unique way. The film gives a long-overdue representation on-screen for the LGBTQ+ audience, especially teenagers. By being less controversial, Love, Simon can reach a broader audience–and a targeted audience–at the same time. Adolescents who identify with any one of those groups, or know someone belonging in those groups, can feel like their voices are finally being heard, and their relationships are accurately being depicted, in a major Hollywood box office film.

Hopefully, this film can inspire many more like this, in which the LGBTQ+ community and other minorities are represented on screen.