Athletes achieve college dreams on Signing Day

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Signing Day marked a very special occasion for many athletes at Oviedo High School. This day is dedicated to the acknowledgment of many athletes’ hard work and long hours throughout their high school careers.

“Signing Day is the day in which a senior student-athlete can sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI) with the college program they have committed to play for,” said athletic director Jennifer Darty.

The twelve athletes that signed gathered with their families in the Robert W. Lundquist gymnasium, where athletes have spent countless hours before this date training for competitions or games.  

Senior Reghan Massie stated that this day provided satisfaction after all of her hard work.

“It makes me feel good that I was able to sign and get a scholarship to go play soccer, and that putting hard work into soccer led to this,” Massie said.

According to senior Sarah Preston, the day was significant for her life.

“It was exciting because I’m starting a new chapter of my life, and it’s opening up the doors to college and all the new experiences,” Preston said. “There’s a lot I had to overcome, but after the whole thing was over with, it was really exciting to get to say that I’m going into college now.”

This day not only serves as a source of great pride for athletes, but for OHS as a whole.

“It is a wonderful thing for our school to be able to have this ceremony and recognize the accomplishments of our great student-athletes,” Darty said.

Darty also stated that this day serves as an inspiration to younger athletes who have not yet applied to college and now have a goal to strive for.

“Seeing their peers sign NLI’s and be granted scholarships to continue their athletic careers is nothing short of remarkable,” Darty said.

Preston also gives advice to younger athletes looking to play in college like her.

“Work really hard, and it’ll pay off in the end,” Preston said.  “Even though it’s kind of a pain during the process, it definitely is worth it.”

Darty hopes future Signing Days are successful, as well.

“I hope that we continue to celebrate our student-athletes on this day and recognize this great achievement,” Darty said.  “Each one of them started out with a goal to one day play college athletics, and this day marks that their goal has been accomplished.”