Photography fills void


All my life, I felt out of place. Everything I joined, I eventually quit. Nothing made me feel whole, until this year.  I remember being in gymnastics when I was younger and realized that I wasn’t having as much fun in my tumble class as I used to; it felt more like a chore. Eventually, I quit. I joined football and basketball and. although I had fun in playing these, I still felt a giant hole inside.

Earlier this year I made a last-minute decision and signed up for newspaper in hopes of finding something I enjoy doing. I didn’t expect much, considering all the sports and hobbies I had tried in the past failed terribly.

When the school year started, I got the chance to explore my abilities. It was the time I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try photography. Photography has always been something I wanted to try. Ever since I can remember, I would take my mom’s phone and take a bunch of pictures.

I feel as though I finally found my way.

When I am taking pictures, I get to escape from the reality of the world for a bit. No matter what mood I’m in, photography always has a way to make me feel better. The best part of photography is knowing that I am capturing a moment that other people can look at, a moment that can transport them back to the time and place it was taken.

Like many other hobbies, there are many paths to photography. I can submit my best photos to compete against other photographer’s works. If I am not the competitive type, I can start charging people for photoshoot sessions. If I get really good, I can even start your own business or website.

Getting to know a camera has really made me a better person. Photography has taught me passion and has allowed me to explore the world in ways I never knew were possible.