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Rave Panic Button speeds up emergency communication



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This story was originally referenced in the first edition of The Lion’s Tale (September 29, 2017).

When a stranger walks onto campus, authorities want to know quickly so that they can intervene. Technology can now help that process happen more quickly.

“The district is implementing an app called the Rave Panic Button app,” said principal Joe Trybus. “If you hold down one of those buttons for 1.5 seconds, all [emergency outlets] are going to start coming.”

The app is available for teachers and staff. The four buttons include fire, medical, police and active shooter, which provide clarity, stronger communication and speed, according to dean Jason Maitland.

“The app allows faculty and staff members to have a quicker way to alert emergency personnel,” Maitland said. “Sometimes teachers get confused [on whether to] dial 9 – 911 because you have to dial 9 to get out; the app allows them right away, without having to pick up a regular phone.”

Maitland stated that the most interesting aspect of the app is that it only works for whom and where it’s designated to work.

“[If] a P.E. teacher is out on the football field and something happens, all they have to do is hit the button and they can dispatch whatever agency is needed [without wasting time],” Maitland said. “If I’m at my house, and I try to use it, it [won’t] work because I’m not at campus, and we limit it to adults because of the potential for false calls.”

When teachers first sign up for the app, there’s a digital handshake involved to verify that the person signing up is part of the faculty or staff, which has led to some lag in registration.

According to Trybus, over half of the staff and faculty has signed up, but he is expected further sign-ups to roll in soon.

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Rave Panic Button speeds up emergency communication