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“For Honor” beta promises depth of customization

4/5 Stars

Courtesy of Ubisoft.com

Courtesy of Ubisoft.com

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For Honor is a Hack-and-Slash multiplayer game that revolves around fast-paced combat systems that can range from one-versus-one duels to full-on battle, which includes four-versus-four across a large map with AI armies that help you capture points.

Ubisoft, the developers of For Honor, have not released much about the story, but the gameplay works out smoothly and handles amazingly, with pure skill being the only deciding factor in determining the winner of a duel. The combative system is simple at first glance, but the execution of said combat system allows you to engage in fast-paced, heated combat against opponents, with little to no breaks to speak of once swords begin to clash.

The game will present itself to players with three playable factions: Noble Knights of the Legion, Honorable Samurai of the Ashen, and Vicious Vikings of the Warborn. Sporting 16 playable characters at launch (with more to come in later DLCs), the game is set to be filled to the brim with content.

Aside from rich gameplay, the game sports a heavy customization system, supporting the ability to make your own house Banner along with customizing each playable character. Players can even choose different abilities and finishing moves for use in the five game modes provided at launch. The customization available to each character is extensive, allowing every player to create their own distinct fighter, with varying equipment and stats, which allows for a truly individual experience within the game.

For Honor, while a great fighting game, has a steep learning curve that could push some people away. However, the challenge this presents may attract others who wish to move away from more casual games that are coming out nowadays. For Honor is a fresh take on medieval fighting, something that isn’t explored much in recent years, and will be definitely on my list of games to play this year.

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“For Honor” beta promises depth of customization