New Lion’s Den Café provides coffee, learning experiences


Niyati Shah

Students work alongside culinary teacher Karen Stapleton during the soft opening of the Lion’s Den Cafe.


Oviedo has a new addition to its library. The Lion’s Den Café is now open for business and soon plans to have a grand opening. Culinary teacher Karen Stapleton, who runs the café, stated that they are currently working on a plan for the grand opening.

“We will have announcements on WROR TV as we get closer to the day,” Stapleton said.

The café is open every day from 6:45-7:20 a.m.; they are currently planning to expand their hours for the future.

“Students from level three and four currently working the café,” Stapleton said. “Soon, I hope to bring in level two students.”

Senior Madisyn Sapp stated that the café is a big learning experience for her.

“The main focus of the café is to provide customer service; working there teaches students exactly how to provide that,” Stapleton said. “We also learn adaptability to situations and how to work with other students.”

The café was created to not only help culinary students, but also to help all students relax.

Junior William Kilmer says that the café was a really good experience and the coffee was tasty.

“I got coffee in the morning and it was pretty good; I had a bagel, which was really nice to have compared to a breakfast bar,” Kilmer said. “They were really nice and the stuff isn’t overpriced. The café is not just a grab-and-go, it is also a place for people to relax and enjoy the morning time.”

Stapleton said that this set-up is intentional.

“There is seating on the left-hand side for students and faculty to eat in the café, and also enjoy each other’s company, relax, do homework, study, etc,” Stapleton said.

Junior Myranda Spruck was impressed with how well-made the coffee was.

“I love, love coffee and the café is a much cheaper solution than going before school somewhere off campus,” Spruck said. “It’s nice, because I’m not late to class and the coffee is incredibly enjoyable.”

Students worried about the service and hospitality should know that the students working the café are currently being certified.

“Our students are all SafeStaff trained in compliance with the state of Florida, and our level three and four students are working on the coveted ServSafe Manager’s certification,” Stapleton said.