Destiny: Rise of Iron rises to expectations


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Rise of Iron is the final piece of downloadable content (DLC) to appear on Destiny, and it is nothing short of astounding. It all starts at the top of a mountain. There, a most dangerous threat, SIVA, is an infection that is out to destroy the world. With the help of the Iron Lords, you must put a stop to the invasion.

The variety of  new enemies, weapons, armor, and missions will have you hooked on this DLC. The Rise of Iron DLC comes with ten new missions, a new light level, a new social space, a new raid and a new part of the Cosmodrome to explore. It also answers most of the questions the community of Destiny has had over the past few years, yet still seems to keep the important ones hidden for future sequels.  

The new raid, known as Wrath of the Machine, is challenging but extremely rewarding. Figuring out mechanics with five other people is a blast, and it’s a long journey to complete the raid. Throughout the checkpoints of the raid, the Guardian is gifted with special rewards only found within the raid, including exclusive weapons and armor.

This DLC is the best one Destiny has introduced. It includes content that will last for months on end, and it truly lives up to the high standards that the community has come to expect. Rise of Iron gets a perfect rating for its surplus of content and the way it is executed. Good job, Bungie!  

Rating: 5/5