Auto program aims for nationals


Fern Silva

Automotive students work on a car on a lift during class.


The automotive program is currently holding third place in running for the Quaker State Car Restoration Contest, an automotive competition. Tom Sterling, head of the auto department, said that this is the first year the school has participated.

“What is happening is you get so many votes and you can place in first, second, third, fourth or fifth place,” Sterling said. “If you do place, the holders of the contest will buy you a $3000 car and give you all the tools and gear needed to fix the car. If you win the best car, that car will be sent down to Barrett Jackson in Fort Myers and they will sell the car for $10,000 or $15,000, and this money will go directly into the auto program.”

Sterling said the program would use the money to improve, including buying new equipment.

“We would also be able to send the kids to go on into other competitions, like the international one in New York called the Greater New York, where people from Germany and all 50 states, along with Canada, compete,” Sterling said. “Two years ago we got 10th place in the nation.”

The Quaker State contest is fairly new, and Sterling said it is easy to get into the contest.

“All that was needed was to have a auto program at the school,” Sterling said. “It’s a brand new contest and it was created last year and we are getting into it for the first time now.”

Senior Zachary Robinson said that only two schools from Seminole County are involved.

“I know that Oviedo and Lyman are the only schools to be in the Quaker competition,” Robinson said.

According to Robinson, the students are prepared to move on to the next round.

“We are preparing for the competitions by doing practice competitions in class,” Robinson said. “We are doing them throughout the week. What happens is that we make eight problems wrong with the car, and then another team of students has to fix it and explain why they fixed that thing.”

A big part of this contest is the voting process.

“You would need to go to Quaker State Best in Class site, and you sign up and you choose Oviedo High School and hit ‘vote now,’” Sterling said. “If all the kids in Oviedo vote, there is no way we can lose because we have more kids going to these schools. The word might come out a little slow, but right now we are in third place by votes.”

According to Sterling, anyone can vote once per day.