Bad Bunny takes internet by storm with recent performance at VMA’s

Madisyn Rummel, Reporter

Recently, reggaetonero singer Bad Bunny, formally known as Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, has been all over the news. From new music to controversial stage kisses to winning huge awards, Bad Bunny has established his place in the spotlight. The 28-year-old singer recently came out with his new album, “Un Verano Sin Ti”, which has won multiple awards – such as Artist of the Year and Best Musica Urbana.

The 2022 MTV VMA’s was an eventful night for Martinez He performed one of the most popular songs from the album, “Titi Me Pregunto”. Bad Bunny had dancers in wedding dresses come out and dance on stage. A beach setup was created, inspired by his set on his most recent tour. The singing and choreography was spectacular, but that’s not what left the audience buzzing; Bad Bunny then turned to kiss a female backup dancer to his right, and then again to his left to kiss a male dancer. This shocked most people as they were unaware of his bisexuality. Overall, this performance was great publicity. 

The award ceremony performance wasn’t the only eventful thing that night. Bad Bunny also won an award for Artist of the Year. This is huge as he was running against many huge artists such as Harry Styles, Lizzo, Jack Harlow, Drake, and Ed Sheeran. Not only is this a big deal because of the competition, but Bad Bunny is also the first non-English language artist to win this award. Martinez mentioned in his acceptance speech that his goal was to become the biggest artist in the world without changing his language and who he is. This was an inspirational and motivational moment for everyone who has had the honor of hearing his speech.