Why skateboarding is a fantastic hobby


Danielle Stein

Sophomore Aidan Carvajal flies through the air as he preforms a trick on his skateboard.

Mars Meyer, Designer

Skateboarding, a popular action sport, has been around since the 50s. It’s become a common trend for teenagers, but with so many people picking it up and thinking it’s easy, a question arises: is skateboarding a hobby or a trend?

With the adrenaline rush while performing a trick or just skating down a road, skateboarding is a fun hobby because of all the different places it can be done and how much freedom it provides.

“It’s energizing, but it’s also relaxing,” said sophomore Finn Harbin. “It feels like you have full range of where you want to go rather than just being confined to your walking or running speed.”

Being able to go anywhere with any speed is exhilarating, The feeling of wind all around while rushing down a steep hill. Everything about skating is as magical as it seems.

“It makes me feel good because it’s very freeing,” said sophomore Aiden Carvajal. “There’s no guidelines you have to follow with any other sports.”

Unlike other sports, skateboarding is not competitive with other people. It’s all about being better than your past self. The improvement in precision, accuracy, and hand eye coordination. The development of the body helps with more than just feeling good, and it also helps lose weight.

Similarly, skateboarding can help improve looks, since it can help with development of muscles and abs. So you gain strength, style, and sass. The sass comes from the ego you’ll eventually gain from getting super confident when you learn to ollie.

Learning to ollie is said to be one of the easiest tricks, but a nose stall is easier. A nose stall is when the board comes up to a curb and with the front end of the board, the board rises up and then bounces back down onto the road before continuing to ride again.

While doing a trick your body lets out endorphins, a chemical that produces a happy feeling. Every time someone participates in a skateboarding activity as simple as just riding or as complex as doing a dolphin flip, your body will let out endorphins and this is why skateboarding is so addicting.