New Christmas film ‘A Boy Called Christmas’ tops the list


Photo courtesy of Netflix


Every year when Christmas comes around, there’s always new Christmas movies that follow the holiday. There’s Christmas classics that will always stay as everyone’s favorites. 

But that does not mean that new Christmas movies don’t make it to the top. ‘A Boy Called Christmas’ was on the top 10 on Netflix when it first came out in November 2021. 

This family friendly movie is about a boy who was originally named Christmas by his mother but goes by Nikolas ever since his mother passed away. Ever since their loss, it’s only been him and his father Joel in a worn out house in the woods living in a kingdom. 

One day his father is called to find a town called Elftown, so he is left with his aunt (who he hates) and decides to find his father and this town his father would tell him stories about. 

During his adventure his pet mouse named Miika learns to talk, and makes lots of friends.

The PG rated movie teaches us what a fathers love really looks like by having the father stay behind so that his son Nikolas can have a better life than he did. 

During the last few minutes of the movie, Nikolas returns to his home and starts a tradition of giving that’s now called Christmas. 

The whole movie was a story told by the aunt who’s been left to take care of her nieces and nephews while the father leaves to take care of an urgent matter. Overall, the movie teaches viewers some great lessons, and it’s recommended for those who like stories behind the movie.