Meaning of Halloween changes with growing up


For many people Halloween is a time to dress, eat lots of candy and decorate your house. Many students love halloween because they like getting scared but the meaning of Halloween changes as you transition from a kid to a teen.

As a kid it’s always exciting to dress up and go to a ton of houses to get delicious candy.  Getting scared is also part of the fun. There are also other activities children enjoy during the Halloween season such as carving pumpkins, making cute halloween crafts and much more. 

“I think as a kid you view Halloween as this exciting time of the year. Where you can dress up, hang out with friends, and get free candy. Then as a teen that enjoyment sort of goes away. You stop dressing up and going trick-or-treating and it’s just another day,” junior Lauren Galgano said. “I think this happens because as you grow up you let go of your childhood traditions. You mature and find some more fun in going to a party or relaxing at home.”

But as a teen, now it’s more fun to get candy and hang out with friends. And some teens don’t even care about the candy anymore and would rather party at someone’s house. 

However, it’s not only kids who love a good scare, there are many halloween themed events for everyone to enjoy such as Halloween Horror Nights, Trunk or Treats, events at SeaWorld, Disney, Parties in Parks, and many more.

A lot of teens still may enjoy dressing up and going treat or treating but at this age not a lot have money to buy a costume so they make their own with clothes they have but don’t care about anymore and other supplies they may find in the house.

“As a kid, Halloween is viewed as a holiday where you get to dress up and go to decorated houses to ask for candy, and have fun,” said junior Meghan Le. “As a teen some are usually more mature, but most have the same old tradition.” 

Overall the way you celebrate Halloween changes as you grow up, but it is still fun for many people regardless of age.