What I’ve learned from my teachers



For Teacher Appreciation Week, I have decided to write about what I’ve learned from my teachers over the last twelve years in my life. I’ve learned a lot, but the most important are how to deal with procrastination, how to become a better writer, and how to stay organized.

From my teachers, I’ve learned to never procrastinate and always try to do work early if you can. Procrastinating is very stressful and it definitely isn’t fun. From projects like music videos to huge journals for Advanced Placement Language Arts and Composition, I learned that it is not in my best interest to procrastinate.

I have also learned how to become a great writer, especially when writing essays or articles. Classes like English and journalism have all taught me how to use my writing effectively. The best thing to do is to sound as professional as possible when writing essays or articles for a newspaper. It shows maturity and skill if you can do this effectively.

One last thing I learned from my teachers is organization. I’ve learned how to manage my time and keep things clean and sorted out, physically and mentally.

I’ve learned so much from my teachers in twelve years of school and I will keep these lessons close to heart as I journey through college and the rest of my life. Thank you teachers for all that you have done, I appreciate it and so do many others.