Going away to college? Try these creative dorm decor tips



Moving into your first college dorm can be very exciting. Finally getting away from your nagging parents and annoying siblings may feel like a dream, but the move can come with some challenges. With living spaces small, cramped and often shared with other roommates, here are some tips to keep your new space feeling like a fantasy. 

Find hidden spaces for storage

Keeping the small space where you’ll be studying, eating and sleeping comfortable and stylish can be hard. Being able to maximize the space is important when it serves multiple functions. A tip for storage is to loft your bed if possible to put storage underneath. Doing this allows for you to put drawers and storage underneath your lofted bed. If the bed can’t be lofted, you can buy rolling drawers that can slide under your bed to create more storage space. 

Buy multifunctional furniture

Instead of packing your place with a million different pieces, select a few pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose. For example, don’t lug a vanity into your small space; simply create one by adding a mirror to your existing dresser. Instead of a nightstand, move your desk to the wall beside your bed. These small adjustments will make the space feel bigger overall.

Keep things organized

To make your space as study-friendly as possible, keep your desk clean. Try not to clutter it: this will make you feel more stressed looking at. Put only what you need in order to get the job done out for daily use, like a pencil cup or bookends. Put everything else into drawers or storage containers that you can easily access later. Keeping clutter out of the room in general is important to set a good relaxing and study environment. The space is small as it is, no reason to make it a trash pile.

Make things comfortable

Cozy up your bed with some throw pillows and blankets. You can even hang string lights over your headboard that will take away from the glare of fluorescent lighting at night. Decorating the walls with pictures and posters can also be a great way to show personality. If your dorm room looks like a prison cell, it will feel that way too. Adding a few comfortable touches will help you relax and focus on your studies. 

Bring a touch of home with you

Don’t forget to bring something from home. Sometimes we can feel a bit homesick when we are away from our family, friends and pets. Try to bring a few sentimental things from home to make your space feel a bit like home. Don’t go overboard: a teddy bear, or a particular picture frame is all you really need for a small reminder. Besides, you’ll see everyone in a few short months for Thanksgiving anyway.