Isolation doesn’t mean boredom

Isolation doesnt mean boredom


As the last bell of the school day rang signaling that the break finally arrived, no one knew how spring break would actually play out.The worldwide pandemic over the Coronavirus this year caused a change of plans to everyone.It came as a big disappointment to many students who were looking forward to traveling, hanging out with friends and just going to the beach. Even though social distancing and staying at home under quarantine is the new normal to keep others safe, it doesn’t mean that the extended break has to be boring. This time was perfect for working on personal goals, mental health and different projects.

Even though a lot of students thought spring break would turn into a short summer almost, teachers assigned schoolwork to do after two weeks of break. Schools however, would not allow students and staff to return meaning everything switched to becoming online. Assignments, quizzes and tests are now found on eCampus. Teachers put deadlines on all of the students’ work, so it’s important that it gets completed on time.

It may not be the most ideal way to get back into the routine of school, but it certainly helps getting to do work at home. By this, students can go at their own pace to get work done. It allows them to really focus on the assignment at hand submit it on time.

Aside from schoolwork that many students are not fond of, doing things like at home workouts, reading and cooking are a great way to pass the time. Online there are tons of videos that show a simple at home workout that can help students stay active over their time away from school. Reading and doing some art can help those who are anxious about everything going on as well. During this time, it’s good to keep in mind that anyone can work on their mental health. Going back to school may not seem as dreadful if students spent the time relaxing and focusing on themselves.

Another way to keep busy is going outside and getting some fresh air. Just because people can’t go out to different places, doesn’t mean one can’t go for a walk around their neighborhood. Going out running, biking and skating are all great ways to escape the house for a while. Finding a project to do around the house is also really nice as there’s plenty of time to get things done. Isolation from the world doesn’t have to be something so boring.

Whatever it may be to pass the time under the isolation, it still might seem scary to some students who are or having family members prone to the virus. Eventually this will all pass, but it’s still good to keep in touch with family and friends and check up on them once in a while.